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160425 - Game Manager Thoughts

See: 160426 - Design in Reverse (Game Manager Thoughts Continued)

Just finished completing my first project in a while over the weekend at BGSjam6. It's a little rail shooter that throws the player in a cart down a procedurally generated set of tracks. Buggy, chaotic, entertaining. It also helped enforce the importance of a game manager, something I've yet to really think about in my mech project. I'm gonna brainstorm just what such a game manager (and other management systems) should do below.

  • Game Manager
    • The big one.
    • Loads scenes
    • Tells other managers what to do
  • Network Manager
    • Handle stuff like connecting players?
  • Lobby Manager
    • Show available matches
    • Create a new match
    • Chat with other players
  • Main Menu Manager
    • Find Game
    • Create Game
    • Options
    • Quit
    • Watch Replay
    • Records
  • Prefab Manager
    • Handle instantiation and destruction
    • Activate/deactivate objects
    • Kinda like a library of prefabs
    • Good for projectiles
  • Replay Manager
    • List/organize replays
    • Run replay
    • Send recorded inputs to components in scene (replay playback)
  • Input Manager
    • Route commands to components on mech
    • Record inputs (for replays)
  • Combat Manager
    • Active camera toggle/controller
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