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160222-2 - "Story" Ideas

Not long after I started pooling together various photos of cars for mech design inspiration, I started toying with ideas for the general “story” of the game. While I think that a story for a multiplayer-focused mech combat game is a bit unecessary, I do like the approach of having something there just for the people who are actually interested in such a thing (ala Team Fortress 2). So here's what I've got so far:

In the 32nd Century, the world's most popular professional sport is mech combat. Bipedal mech manufacturers develop the best technology in the world and hire (with the help of corporate sponsors) competitive pilots from around the globe that fight to the death in designer, state-of-the-art machines of destruction. The winners get huge bonuses from their corporate sponsors and their mech manufacturers see massive profits from increased sales, while the losers are quickly forgotten by all but their most fervent fans.

I view this fictional future as similar to what the first few games in the Wipeout franchise tried to accomplish. You've got vehicle manufacturers competing for top market positions, megacorporations pushing advertising anywhere they can, and cocky pilots aiming for a shot at international stardom. It's basically just like the NFL or Nascar, except the arenas (and potentials entire cities) get destroyed and the losers are wiped from the face of the earth. Pro sports to the extreme.

The basics of this world would allow for a TON of fun stuff that's totally extraneous to the game itself. For players who just want to blow each other up, they can do just that. No cut scenes, no plot points, nada. Jump in your mech and gun away. But for players that DO want to know more about the world, they can read up on whatever I end up writing/creating, learn about the histories of each mech manufacturer, the cutthroat competition between corporate sponsors, pilots in the Hall of Fame, etc. Some ideas for mediums that could be used to expand the world could include

  • Product brochures
  • In-game “ads”
  • Promotional videos
  • Short stories
  • Event flyers
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