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160208 - First Post

I'm rebooting the Mech game wiki with the intention of actually making a playable mech simulator prototype. The goal is to replicate the controls and feel of Mechwarrior 2 with a single mech made of modular parts in a small 3D environment.

The mech

The mech should be built out of a set of components that could be potentially tweaked into multiple variants, but the core of each component will be shared across each mech. These components should include:

  • Engine/Torso
    • Controls the speed of the mech. Possibly the parent object, connecting to all other parts
    • Holds ammo and jump jets
    • Can overheat
  • Head/Cockpit
    • Camera and (HUD elements?)
  • Left and Right Shoulder
    • Holds weapons radar, other accessories
    • Can overheat (weapons)
  • Left and Right Arm
    • Holds weapons and ammo
    • Can overheat (weapons)
  • Left and Right Leg
    • Holds ammo and jump jets

The basic mech should have jump jets, an engine, one projectile weapon, one raycast weapon, and heatsinks. Components that can overheat should explode when beyond critical temperature.

Test Environment

I picture the small level as including a small city, a hilly/mountainous region, and a lake/lakeshore. This will allow for the testing of things like movement in tight spaces, up and down slopes, and in water. It might also make sense to include some sort of icy or slippery area as well.

If I were to get really fancy, at some point it'd be nice to have weather effects and variable visibility as well, but that might be getting ahead of myself too much. Temperature should be controllable as well.


So let's set some deadlines up and try to stick to them!

Trello Board

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